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The UAE’s hand on the chest of the Pentagon/Doha’s green light for the deployment of fighters

News sources reported the UAE's opposition to the US military's destabilizing actions in the region and Qatar's green light for the deployment of American fighters and drones at the country's Al-Adeed Air Base.

report Mehr News Agency, citing Russia Allium, the Wall Street Journal, citing American officials, announced that their country is transferring armed drones and fighters to Qatar.

This media revealed: The UAE has not allowed American fighters and drones stationed at the country’s air base to bomb Yemen and Iraq.

The Wall Street Journal reported: Last February, the United Arab Emirates informed the United States that the American fighters and drones that are at Al-Dhafra Air Base in Abu Dhabi are allowed to attack in It will not give Yemen and Iraq, and this issue has caused the American authorities to send more planes to Al-Adeed Air Base in Qatar.

According to this media, the UAE is worried about revenge attacks from Yemen and Iraq due to the aid to the American army.

An Emirati official told the Wall Street Journal that these imposed restrictions are a war in line with the principle of self-defense.

The said official also attributed this action to the fact that the United States was not in a hurry to take measures to support the UAE after the 2022 attacks.

This media also quoted an informed source as saying that the United States and Qatar have agreed on the transfer of fighters, reconnaissance planes and drones to Al-Adeed Air Base in recent days. and.

American sources also announced that the Pentagon is looking to carry out attacks on targets in the Middle East through Djibouti in East Africa.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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