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Tel Aviv’s attempt to escape from the burden of killing Zionist prisoners

The spokesman of the Zionist army denied the report of the killing of 3 prisoners during the Nusirat operation in order to avoid the killing of the Zionist prisoners in Gaza.

to reportTel Avio.

Accordingly, the new report of Hamas shows that 3 more Zionist prisoners were killed due to the operation of the Zionist army yesterday. Due to the fact that one of them was an American citizen, now the internal pressures from the families of the prisoners and the international pressures may once again intensify on Netanyahu’s coalition cabinet. /p>

Peter Lerner, the spokesman of the Zionist regime army, in response to the Hamas report, announced without providing further details Kurd: None of the prisoners lost their lives in the operation of our army on Saturday, and the new claims of Hamas are propaganda.

Although this Zionist official has rejected the report of Hamas, but the report of the intelligence officials of the Zionist regime shows that a number of Zionist prisoners died during the operations in Gaza and the bombings. have lost.


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