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Raising the sound of the siren in the occupied territories

The Zionist army announced the arrival of suspicious objects from Lebanon into the sky of the occupied territories.

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On this basis, the Zionist army announced the arrival of a suspicious object from Lebanon in the sky of the occupied territories, which caused the activation of the air defense systems and the lighting The alarm went off.

This institution wrote on its personal page on X social network (former Twitter): Minutes ago, our air defense system fired at suspicious objects entering from Lebanon. and destroyed them. Now the danger has been removed and the situation is back to normal.

This message continues: However, now there are warnings about the possibility of dangerous fragments falling from missiles fired by air defense in the areas of Akka and Kariat Bialik activated is.

Although Lebanon’s Hezbollah has remained silent about this incident, the Zionist authorities have pointed the finger of accusation at this movement.

Since the beginning of the Gaza war, the exchange of fire between Hezbollah and the Zionist regime on the northern borders of the occupied territories has intensified and Tel Aviv has been forced to evacuate more than 60,000 settlers from areas near the Lebanese border. In recent days, the Zionist authorities have intensified their rhetoric and threatened to expand attacks against Hezbollah.


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