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Mysterious disease; Woe to the lives of Israeli soldiers

A Hebrew-language media revealed that Israeli soldiers returning from the Gaza Strip have contracted mysterious diseases.
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According to the Hebrew group Tasnim news agency

, Yedioth Aharanot newspaper reported in a report about the diseases that the Israeli soldiers who returned from the Gaza Strip suffered from, and the doctors had difficulty in diagnosing the cause and prescribing medicine for it.

According to this Hebrew media, soldiers returning from the war and conflict in the Gaza Strip have suffered from physical problems that doctors have had trouble diagnosing and consequently prescribing treatment for.

In the continuation of this report, it is stated that the mentioned soldiers, most of whom are wounded in the war in the Gaza Strip and are hospitalized in rehabilitation centers, have suffered from severe physical and mental problems and even some of them Due to the severity of the problems, they have also lost their natural ability to speak.

This media emphasized that the injuries inflicted on these soldiers in the Gaza Strip It has taken away the power of speaking, hearing, eating and drinking properly. : There are some weak points in these people that if we cannot find a solution to treat it, it will remain with them for many years.

He said: “A number of wounded soldiers have been transferred here with severe hearing loss, this problem is manifested through tinnitus or some kind of sensitivity to loud noise or difficulty in understanding the words of the other party in case of noise.”

While some others have problems with hearing the sound correctly and the vocal cords of some of them have been seriously damaged.

At the same time, this expert admitted: In many cases, the soldiers suffered more severe injuries, but we were not able to discover them immediately, and after a few weeks or months, we found out. That being said, one of them is their inability to speak out loud for long periods of time, which cannot be detected in the basic standardized tests administered to them.

Another existing problem of soldiers returning from the Gaza Strip is the inability to remember words or people’s names, and they also face problems in repeating words accurately when they want to talk about an issue.

The said expert believes that maybe obvious physical injuries will heal over time, but these types of problems that are not physically detectable affect the quality of life of these soldiers because they see who do not have the ability to communicate with others, even using the telephone. have undergone psychological treatment

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