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Biden’s $1 billion gift to Tel Aviv at the same time as the war in Rafah

The United States will give Israel a new package of more than a billion dollars in arms and ammunition.

report Mehr News Agency quoted by E BC News, some sources in the US Congress say that the United States intends to give Israel a new package worth more than one billion dollars of weapons and ammunition.

Wall Street Journal also with Confirmation This news quoted officials in the White House as saying that the arms transfer includes $500 million for tactical vehicles and $60 million for mortar rounds.

confirm this aid package to Israel from the government Biden It comes after Biden intercepted a 2,000-pound bomb shipment two weeks ago to send a message to Israel about Send attacks to densely populated urban areas, especially Rafah. However, it seems that the Biden administration is now backing away from its previous positions and is now ready to send a new aid package to Israel at the same time as the Zionist invasion of the city. =”text-align:justify”>Rafah is in the south of Gaza.

America’s aid to Israel in the Gaza war has faced the anger of the American society, so much so that during the last four weeks, American universities protested the Zionist regime’s genocide in the Gaza Strip. , is a witness to the protests that were seen from the observers’ point of view, for example in the 1960s and the protests of the universities of this country against the Vietnam War.

These protests against the Zionist genocide in more than 50 American universities went as far as some other western countries of Australia (Universities of Melbourne and Sydney), Canada ( McGill and Concordia universities, France (Paris Institute of Political Studies and Sorbonne University), Italy (Sapienza University), England (Leeds University, London College and Warwick University), etc. It was drawn.

The extent of this movement shows the anger of American and European students about the extent of the crimes against humanity committed by the Zionist regime and the American-European supporters of this regime. But America’s violent treatment of university students and professors as a claimant of democracy and human rights has been at the top of the world media’s attention.

On the other hand, Curt Campbell, the US Deputy Secretary of State, said at the same time that the Gaza war entered its eighth month, that he believes that an all-out victory for Israel against Hamas is unlikely.

Campel during the NATO Youth Summit in Miami in the state Forida said: I think in some ways, we have a difference of opinion about the theory of victory. Sometimes when we listen carefully to what Israeli officials are saying, we hear them mostly talk about some kind of total victory, total victory on the battlefield. I don’t think that we believe that such a (victory) is likely or possible.

The senior official of the US State Department also pointed to the undeniable tension between Washington and Tel Aviv over the ongoing attacks of the Zionist regime against Rafah , acknowledged; The city is located at the southern end of Ghara and is full of refugees who came from the north of the Gaza Strip. They fled and took refuge in this border town.

claims and statements Campbell reflecting Anthony’s recent statement Blinken is the US Secretary of State. He earlier expressed doubts about the complete elimination of Hamas by Israel in Gaza. According to him, even if Israel completely occupies the Gaza Strip, as soon as it leaves the strip, Hamas will emerge again.

Since the start of the Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023 (15 Mehr 1402), more than 35 thousand Palestinians, most of whom are women and children, have They have been martyred.


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