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Islamic Jihad: The position of the resistance regarding the ceasefire will never change

The Deputy Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement stated that the position of the resistance is clear and open, that the aggressions end completely and truly, then the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip and the exchange of prisoners begin.

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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, Mohammad Al-Handi, Deputy Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad Movement, is on a delegation trip. He informed Doha about this movement to continue efforts to reach a cease-fire agreement in Gaza.

He pointed out that the American proposal regarding the cease-fire is vague and we want a clear and unambiguous text.

He added that we will be in Doha tomorrow to continue the efforts to reach an agreement on the ceasefire.

Al-Handi said that the American government’s overall goal of the war against the Gaza Strip is to eradicate it. The resistance is an accomplice and a partner.

He emphasized that after eight months of aggression, the enemy has failed even in achieving one of his goals.

Elhandi pointed out that Egypt and Qatar does not put any pressure on the resistance, especially since the resistance had agreed to the document of the two countries on May 6th. The aggression should end completely and truly, then the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip and the exchange of prisoners should begin.

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He stated that it is still too early to talk about the collapse of the ceasefire negotiations, and clarified that the danger of the Zionist regime threatens all Palestinians, a regime that It has targeted West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Elhindi said that the scene today is the free and resistant nation of Palestine, which is fighting for its freedom, and the free people of the world are by its side.

He stated that the Israeli army suffers successive defeats in various axes of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army will never win, even if it continues its aggression. with Lebanon) by the occupiers must be with the support and decision of the United States, and not the Israeli decision alone. It has affected the whole world.

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