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As soon as the war starts, we will lose/Haifa and Tel Aviv will be destroyed

At the same time as the thirst of the warmongers in Tel Aviv to open a full-scale conflict against the resistance in Lebanon, some former occupation officials admitted to the Newsweek publication: Tel Aviv will lose the war as soon as the conflict begins.

report Mehr News Agency, the American publication “Newsweek” wrote in the conclusion of its article today, which was dedicated to a series of interviews with the leaders of the Zionist regime, about the dimensions of the possibility of a major war between “Israel” and the resistance in Lebanon. : In the event of a war, “Israel” will turn into a heap of ashes and destruction, and besides, no one can guarantee victory for this regime.

Al-Mayadeen news base reported on Friday that the American publication “Newsweek” in an article in an interview with “Aran Etzion, the former deputy of the internal security council of the Zionist regime, wrote that “Israel in the war with Hezbollah within the first twenty-four hours of the war” The unprecedented widespread destruction caused by Hezbollah’s missile attacks will be lost in very sensitive areas.”

According to Newsweek, this Zionist official, referring to successive failures in realizing the indirect ceasefire negotiations with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, warned the authorities of this regime that “Israel’s rise to confront a more powerful enemy on the other side of the border in Lebanon can cause widespread destruction for this regime.”

According to the Zionist official, although the army of this regime has a long history of field battle with Hezbollah, many times “former Israeli officials have warned that the current steep slope of the Israeli leaders towards The war, which has been accompanied by the escalation of cross-border fire and the sharp and increasing resentments in recent weeks, could push the region towards an unknown horizon.”

according to the American publication, “Eran Etzion” who has a history of serving as the deputy of the internal security council of this regime during the Israel-Lebanon war in 2006, as well as a history of heading the planning program of political plans At the table of the Zionist Foreign Ministry, when he was in power during the period of Benjamin Netanyahu, he admitted about predicting the future equations of the conflict with Hezbollah in Lebanon: “It is very difficult to get the attitude of how to quickly turn the war to your advantage. or even the possibility of such a proposition exists.”

On the other hand, the military commanders of the occupiers, acknowledging the US publication Newsweek about the huge missile arsenal of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement, including 200 thousand rockets and mortars, drones and other Weapons stated that now “Hezbollah is unveiling many of these weapons in a situation where the war on the borders has intensified, and they have intensified their military operations in the border strip more than ever before, and even for the first time, One of the Iron Dome systems was smashed last week.

Also, Newsweek warned in another interview with another former head of the planning unit of the occupying army: a large-scale war on the northern borders could rain massive and unprecedented missile attacks. Hezbollah will attack Tel Aviv and Haifa.

In this regard, Shmuel Mayer, the former head of the arms control branch of the strategic planning department of the occupying army, told Newsweek reporter: the army’s full-scale war and ground operations Lebanon’s soil, as some politicians are striving for it, will lead to a retaliatory action by Hezbollah, and Haifa and Tel Aviv will be turned into ruins by the relentless rocket attacks of the Lebanese resistance.


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