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Hamas statement on the occasion of the “76th” anniversary of the occupation of Palestine

In a statement on the occasion of the 76th anniversary of the occupation of Palestine (known as the Nakba Day), the Hamas movement called on the Muslim Ummah and all the free people of the world to press with all means and tools to stop the aggression of the Zionist regime on the land, people and sanctuaries of Palestine.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, the statement of Hamas states: Operation Storm Al-Aqsa, It is the natural relief of the people’s resistance and its legitimate right to defend the land and holy places and is a strategic step that caused our issue to be raised in the world and strengthened the national support of the resistance and crushed the enemy’s bully and our continuous resistance plan towards freedom, return and Consolidate the end of the occupation.

Hamas: Before the complete ceasefire, the Zionist prisoners will give the color of light. They don’t see
Despite the pressure, the Palestinians celebrated 48 days of Nakbat
10 times the Palestinian population since the Nakbat day

We send our greetings to our patient and steadfast people in the honorable Gaza Strip.

The aggression of the occupiers has been going on since seventy-six years ago, and the crimes of genocide against the people of the Gaza Strip have been going on for more than seven months. It is still going on and there will be a stain on the forehead of all those who are silent in front of these crimes and fail to expose and condemn them and stop them. We will use all means to stop the encroachments on the Palestinian land, people, and sanctuaries and support the resistance of our people who want freedom and independence. The continuous aggressions and crimes of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and the occupied Jerusalem and the policy of double standards of the Western countries towards the issue of the Palestinian nation and its legitimate rights is a big blow to all human values ​​and these countries are all responsible in this regard.

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine emphasized on this occasion that the time has come to get rid of the shackles of Oslo (ending the cruel Oslo compromise treaty) and American promises.

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