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Ireland will recognize the state of Palestine

Ireland's foreign minister said that the recognition of the Palestinian state will be done this month.

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According to the announcement of this media, “Michael Martin” (Micheal Martin), the Minister of Foreign Affairs of this country, said on Wednesday, without specifying the exact date: Ireland will certainly recognize the Palestinian state by the end of May. will recognize.

According to this media, in March, the leaders of Spain, Ireland, Slovenia and Malta announced in a joint statement that they are ready to recognize the independent state of Palestine.

This is while Ireland has said for a long time that in principle it is not against the official recognition of the Palestinian state.

Last week, EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell said that Spain, Ireland and Slovenia plan to symbolically recognize the state of Palestine on May 21, and other European countries are likely to follow suit. follow this procedure.

Michael Martin said in this regard, according to the AFP news agency: “The exact date is still known; Because we are still negotiating with some countries regarding the joint recognition of the Palestinian state. The date will be announced in the next few days, but it will certainly be before the end of this month.

He further added: I am looking forward to today’s consultations with some foreign ministers regarding the final details of this matter.


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