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A war on the northern front means the paralysis of Israel

The Hebrew media reported the staggering costs of the Zionist regime's possible attack on Lebanon and the disastrous nature of this attack.

report Mehr News Agency, citing Al Jazeera, Zionist Radio reported: The economic costs of the war with Hezbollah for Israel will be much heavier and more than the war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

It is stated in this report: The possible scenario of war on the northern front means the paralysis of Israel, and this issue will cause extensive economic damage to Tel Aviv.

The al-Mayadeen network also reported, quoting the Zionist media: The situation in the northern front is not better than the Gaza front, on the contrary, the situation is much worse.

Hebrew-language media added: The Israeli army has no solution to the problem of low-flying drones, and an attack on Lebanon would be disastrous for Israel.

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This is despite the fact that earlier the American media also reported the warnings of the American government to Tel Aviv against any stupidity towards Lebanon.


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