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The plane crash killed the vice president of Malawi

The vice president of "Malawi" along with 9 of his companions were killed in a plane crash.

reported Mehr news agency quoted by CNN, Lazarus Chaquera, the president Malawi announced today that Salus Chilima, his deputy, along with 9 of his companions were killed in the crash of the plane carrying the vice president.

News media last night, citing the office of the President of Malawi, announced that the plane carrying Chilima has disappeared from the radar screen. .

After the officials of the country’s airline could not communicate with the plane carrying the vice president, the president of the country ordered a search and rescue operation.

Chaquera in a statement referring to the end of the rescue operation, the death of Chilima and some members of the board of the government of this country confirmed And announced: The missing plane has been found and with the utmost regret a terrible tragedy has occurred.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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