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China: BRICS must prevent a new “Cold War”.

China's foreign minister stressed that BRICS member countries should work together to prevent the resumption of the Cold War.

report Mehr News Agency, according to Rashatoudi, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said during the BRICS foreign ministers’ meeting that some powerful countries still have Cold War thinking and BRICS should learn from this. prevent thinking.

According to the senior Chinese diplomat who gave a speech in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, this type of approach and thinking is in direct contradiction with the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council. and overshadows the ability of multilateral mechanisms.

He emphasized: China is willing to maintain strategic cooperation with Russia, respond to external pressures and develop sustainable development of bilateral relations.

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Wang Yi described BRICS as an important platform for the unification and cooperation of emerging markets and developing countries and stated: the development of the BRICS mechanism plays a vital role in creating a fairer world order. and will perform more logically.

He accused the West of extreme politicization and securitization of economic issues and said that this action led to unbridled unilateral sanctions and stonewalling in the field of technology for countries such as Russia and China has led.

The Chinese Foreign Minister referred to the BRICS group as “Great BRICS” and demanded that this group use its political leverage and turn it into a new mechanism for multilateral cooperation.

BRICS, which consisted of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, expanded in early 2024 with the joining of Iran, Ethiopia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. found and is still expanding.

He pointed to the expansion of this group and added: With the expansion of members, we have started a new era in the field of common self-sufficiency in the global south, and the influence and attractiveness of BRICS continues to increase. .

The Chinese diplomat stated: In a competition where some powers are expanding multipolar directions and some others intend to maintain unipolar hegemony, the BRICS countries should stand on the side of justice and equality. and make the right choices.


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