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Bagheri: Synergy between Iran and Russia is necessary for peace in the Caucasus

Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ali Bagheri, in a meeting with the representative of the Russian Foreign Minister, announced that greater coordination between Tehran and Moscow is necessary to maintain peace in the Caucasus.
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according to the report of the international group Tasnim News Agency, Bagheri on his X account this Sunday about meeting and talking with special representative Igor Khoaev The Russian Foreign Minister made the announcement at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Bagheri wrote in this message that in the meeting with Igor Khoaev, referring to the destabilizing effects of the presence of some extra-regional actors in the Caucasus, the positions And he has explained Iran’s considerations about the region. 

Bagheri emphasized on the joint responsibility of Iran and Russia in establishing stability

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized: greater coordination and synergy between Iran, Russia and other governments in the region is necessary to maintain peace and stability in the Caucasus.

This is while some extra-regional actors, especially the United States, are seeking to disrupt security and peace in the Caucasus region with destabilizing actions.

The actions of these actors in the mentioned region are aimed at advancing the interests of these countries.

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