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The army has started to support the orthodox Zionists

The prolongation of the Gaza war has once again raised the issue of calling Orthodox Zionists to serve in the occupied territories.

to the report Mehr News Agency, because of the orthodox views The species and the cultural influences that they have on the Zionist society in the occupied territories are exempted from compulsory military service. However, the prolongation of the Gaza war and the need for new soldiers has caused a split among the top officials of this regime.

Accordingly, Herzl Halivi, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Zionist regime, once again emphasized the necessity of sending Orthodox Zionists to serve.

He wrote about this about on his personal page on X social network (former Twitter) : Calling Orthodox Zionists to serve is now an obvious necessity and we need this issue to strengthen the army.

Holivi, who visited Gaza and the forces of this regime today, further added: This issue is clearly understandable to me for those who have been in the service for eight months and are far from the family (seeking equality in military service). We make a lot of effort in this field.

Before, Orthodox Zionists were not called to military service. Extremist members of Netanyahu’s coalition cabinet, including Itmar Ben :justify”>Goyer, Minister of Internal Security and Betzalel Smotrich, Minister The assets of the Zionist regime are staunch opponents of military service for Orthodox Zionists.

However, a deep rift has formed in the occupied territories in this time. Many Zionists consider this act as a sign of open discrimination even among Zionists inside the occupied territories.


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