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Developments in Ukraine America’s effort to continue the conflict and defeat Russia

The warning about the possibility of losing Kiev, the failure of the Swiss conference, the emphasis of the majority of the world on the possibility of achieving peace in Ukraine only by talking with Moscow, Washington's condition for Kiev to join NATO, and Spain's opposition to sending troops to Ukraine, are some of the important events surrounding the war. .
– International News – Vladimir Putin On the eve of his visit to Pyongyang, the Russian president mentioned in an article for a North Korean newspaper that the United States and its allies are trying to impose a strategic defeat on Russia and for this purpose they are trying to prolong the military conflict in Ukraine. 

He wrote: “Western countries continue to finance, arm and intelligence the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev and have even allowed modern Western weapons and equipment to attack Russian soil. And often – used for apparently peaceful purposes. They even threaten to send their military forces to Ukraine”

At the same time, Putin emphasized that Russia is open to equal dialogue on all problems and he is ready many times. He reminded himself to negotiate a solution to the situation in Ukraine, but all Russian efforts to resolve the conflict peacefully have been rejected by the West.

Vladimir Zelensky The president of Ukraine previously assessed Putin’s peace proposal as a kind of ultimatum, and Kamala Harris, the vice president of the United States, also believes that the conditions announced by Moscow to resolve the conflict in Ukraine are essentially a request for the unconditional surrender of Kiev.

In this regard, former CIA analyst Larry Johnson believes that if the Ukrainian authorities reject Vladimir Putin’s peace offer, there is a possibility that Ukraine will take control of the city. Lose Kiev.

Johnson said in an interview: Kiev authorities continue to avoid any agreement with Moscow, in 2022 an agreement that could save them. They denied that it would have left Ukraine largely intact and the military conflict would have ended without so much economic damage and human casualties. They are now refusing an agreement that includes the recognition of Russian sovereignty over five regions of their country. But this situation may cause the Ukrainian side to lose the port of Odessa and possibly the city of Kiev as a result of the advance of the Russian armed forces.

This American expert pointed out He added that Volodymyr Zelensky is well aware of the lack of manpower and new weapons in the armed forces of Ukraine: the Ukrainian army is on the front line with elderly people who are physically unable to perform active and professional military actions, facing the powerful Russian army. and as a result, the casualties of the Ukrainian side have doubled in recent months. Follow:


Putin’s adviser: Swiss summit About Ukraine, it did not help the peace agreements

Yuri Ushakov, the adviser of the Russian president on political issues, announced last night that the conference held in Switzerland about Ukraine was a result did not have and proved that it will be impossible to solve the conflict in Ukraine without the participation of Russia.

This Kremlin official pointed out that in Switzerland a final joint statement was approved instead of a political statement. Shed, added: “This conference did not make any significant contribution to the progress towards a peace agreement. And if we talk about its results, it must be admitted that even among Westerners there is a clear recognition that it is impossible to solve the problem of Ukraine without the participation of Russia.”

Referring to President Vladimir Putin’s statement in the last meeting with the officials of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Ushakov stated an effective plan to resolve the conflict in Ukraine. He offered to ensure the resolution of the current security crisis and agreement on the terms of non-renewal of such conflicts. In fact, Putin’s peace proposal underlined the results of the Swiss conference. p style=”text-align:justify”>Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, stated that the failure of the Swiss summit on Ukraine was predictable, as Kiev officials and their Western backers were looking for ways to peacefully resolve the Ukraine crisis. They were not.

This diplomat’s commentary, which was published yesterday on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, states: This conference showed the whole world that Kiev and the West are interested Do not have peace in Ukraine. 

Zakharova also drew attention to the fact that Andriy Ermak, the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, is in Borgenstock regularly negotiating with foreign delegations in order to increase the supply of weapons. It was military for the Ukrainian army.

According to him, such events are not able to create the necessary conditions and a suitable platform for really serious talks to achieve a stable and just peace.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs added: Fortunately, there is an increasing awareness in the world that the real path to a lasting solution to the Ukraine crisis is clearly shown in the peace initiative of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. given and everyone admits that the peace process is impossible without Russia’s participation.

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehmer emphasized in an interview last night that without Russia, achieving peace in Ukraine is not possible.

He said: There will be no peace without Russia. <...> Military conflicts start quickly and those who start them do their best to end it quickly. The Swiss conference was the first step in this direction.

Nehmar said that in times of military conflict it is very important to maintain dialogue forums to discuss it. At the same time, he emphasized that the West is currently in an echo chamber and therefore cannot convince the rest of the world to join its strategy for Ukraine. 

Nehmer emphasized: Brazil, India, China and South Africa strongly criticize Western countries and without them the sanctions against Russia will not be effective.

Switzerland: The next conference on Ukraine will not be held in Europe

Gabriel Luchinger, President The International Security Department of the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the next conference on Ukraine issues will not be held in Europe and that Russia must somehow participate in it.

He said: The next peace meeting about Ukraine will not be held in Europe. Switzerland, of course, maintains its relations with Russia. We have laid the groundwork for this process to begin. It is quite clear that Russia should somehow participate (in the negotiations).

At the same time, this Swiss diplomat considered China’s absence from the Borgenstock conference as a kind of failure. , because without Beijing “there will be no solution to the Ukrainian crisis”. Luchinger stressed that the interested countries themselves should take concrete steps for the next meeting.

White House: To join NATO, Ukraine must win the conflict

John Kirby, the coordinator of strategic communications in the National Security Council of the White House, announced in a press conference last night that the United States government believes that the future of Ukraine in The end is in NATO and Washington will help this country to join this alliance.

Kirby said: “President Joe Biden has also said many times that the future of Ukraine is in NATO is But a lot of work needs to be done before they can join the coalition. And first of all they have to win the conflict with Russia.”

The White House official stressed that the United States has set clear conditions for Ukraine, which after Observing them, we can talk about their joining the coalition. He cited the need to get rid of corruption as an example, because “it’s a problem of great concern.”

Kirby also noted that “U.S. It cannot “magically” connect Ukraine to NATO, because the decision is made by all members of the alliance.

The White House near Putin’s visit will monitor North Korea

Coordinator of Strategic Communications at the US National Security Council in his press conference also announced that the United States intends to Closely monitor Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to North Korea this week.

John Kirby said: “We will certainly be monitoring this trip closely. will have. “We are concerned about the deepening of relations between Russia and North Korea, not only because of their impact on Ukraine, but also because the mutual relations that may develop could also affect the overall situation on the Korean Peninsula.”

Kirby also pointed out that he was surprised by the quick provision of this trip, but assured that the American officials “are not worried about it”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit North Korea on Tuesday for a two-day visit and then visit Vietnam.

The opposition of the Spanish defense minister to the sending of troops to Ukraine

El Mundo newspaper reported, Margarita Robles, the minister of defense of Spain, announced that she personally strongly opposes the sending of troops The military of its allied countries is to Ukraine, even for training purposes. It was arranged, he stated and emphasized: “We have to be very careful about our actions.” Robles also mentioned NATO’s “obsession” with “not escalating the situation” from the first moment of the start of the military conflict in Ukraine and added: “Such an action of “sending troops to Ukraine” will only lead to the escalation of the conflict.” 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan explained the reason for not participating in the Swiss summit Aybek Asmadyarov, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, announced in a press conference on Monday that the republic did not send its representatives to the Ukrainian summit in Switzerland based on its national interests and in accordance with the agenda of international events.

At the beginning of June, the diplomat said that the Kazakh authorities are considering the possibility of participating in the Swiss conference. He then emphasized that Astana has historically close relations with both countries of Ukraine And Russia has had and has maintained these relations.

Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesman, also noted yesterday that many of the delegations present at the Swiss summit understood well. that negotiations without the Russian side are completely futile. In this regard, the result of the summit held in Borgenstock was zero.

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