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The meeting of the Iranian ambassador with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia

The Iranian ambassador in Riyadh met and consulted with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.
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According to the foreign policy reporter of Tasnim News Agency, Alireza Enayati, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Saudi Arabia, met and talked with Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, in the Mena area of ​​Mecca. Bilateral relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, he said: We have made great progress in the field of bilateral relations. Numerous delegations were exchanged between the two countries and each of the parties participated in the summits and meetings of the other side and were able to have meetings with the officials of the other side on the sidelines of these meetings. In this way, the coming and going between the two countries is fully provided in the form of regional and international meetings, and over the past year, more than 20 delegations have been exchanged between the parties. 

He added: The form of this exchange was multilateral meetings, but on the sidelines of these multilateral meetings, bilateral meetings were also held, and the last one was the meeting of the Minister of Economy and Finance of our country with the Minister of Economy and It was Saudi’s planning. Also, Umrah flights have been established between the parties and our Umrah pilgrims managed to perform Umrah after 9 years. The place of Iranian pilgrims was completely empty and this process resumed. Specifically, after the Hajj operation, Umrah flights can continue.

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