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Factors of censorship of the number of casualties of the Zionist regime in resistance operations

The military and political institutions of the Zionist regime have been trying to hide the real casualties of the army since the beginning of the Gaza war, as in all previous wars, so that the military censorship of the press of this regime does not stop.

report Mehr News Agency quoted Al Jazeera, after 42 years, a Zionist fact-finding committee admitted that the explosion of the military command headquarters of this regime in the city of Tire located in the south of Lebanon, as a result of an operation has been resistance; Not as the security and military institutions of Israel advertised and claimed that the explosion occurred as a result of a gas leak.

History of deception and lies about Zionist casualties

The results of this research once again create controversies about the way the Zionist regime deals with its casualties in various wars.

Analysts believe that during the current battle in the Gaza Strip, the Zionists have made great efforts to manipulate their casualty figures.

This lying by the Zionists started from the very beginning of the Al-Aqsa storm operation, and the security, political and military institutions of the occupying regime first said that 1,200 Israelis were killed in the Hamas attack and Then they were forced to say that this number is 1400 people. After that, contradictory news about this statistic was constantly published.

The Zionist army claimed that more than 10,000 soldiers of the Ezzedine al-Qassam battalions, the military wing of Hamas, were killed in the air and ground operations of this regime’s army. On February 19, The Times of Israel claimed that 12,000 Hamas soldiers had been killed, quoting the army of this regime.

In the middle of last January, the Prime Minister of the occupying regime, Benjamin Netanyahu, claimed that the army of this regime destroyed two-thirds of the Hamas battalions in Gaza, but the number of dead did not specify Meanwhile, field data indicated that al-Qassam forces are still inflicting heavy casualties on the occupying army and documenting their operations; Unlike the Zionists, who have not provided any evidence to prove their claims about Hamas casualties.

The interesting point here is that the Zionists themselves have doubts about the statistics that the army and the authorities of this regime give of resistance casualties.

“Amos Hareil”, a military analyst of the Zionist regime, wrote in the Hebrew newspaper Ha’aretz in this context: “In the announcement of the number of killed Hamas forces, which Israel wants, it should be considered as an achievement. To show for ourselves, let’s observe the side of caution. Probably, the Israeli army has fallen into the same trap of exaggerated statistics that hit the American forces in the Vietnam War.

This is while the Israeli army and its spokesman Daniel Hagari are still trying to hide the loss of life and property in the Gaza war.

Military censorship of the occupiers in the Gaza war

Last December, the Hebrew newspaper Yediot Aharonot, doubting the statistics provided by the Zionist army regarding the casualties of this army in the Gaza war, reported that there is a big difference between the statistics The army has official hospital statistics about casualties among the military; So far, hospitals have admitted 4591 wounded, but the army has announced only 1600 wounded.

This Zionist media was immediately forced to retract its report due to the severe military censorship of the Zionist regime.

Channel 12 of the Zionist regime announced that since the beginning of the Gaza war, the number of published materials subject to military censorship has increased 4-5 times, and the military censorship department has He has supervised hundreds of thousands of published materials on the Gaza war.

On this basis, only in the first 50 days of the war against Gaza, about 6715 news contents were subjected to military censorship. Last December, the military censorship department of the Zionist regime published guidelines on media coverage of the Gaza war and prohibited the media from covering several issues related to the war without obtaining prior permission from the army, the most obvious of which is as follows:

– Information related to the goals and operations of the resistance.

– Information about resistance missile attacks against the strategic infrastructure of the Zionist regime.

– Details of the weapons used by the Zionist army and the weapons that fall into the hands of the resistance.

Nevertheless, the Zionists have to announce their casualties from time to time, especially since the resistance groups document all their operations with videos and photos. And therefore the occupiers are not able to hide their losses.

What is the story of the explosion of the headquarters of the Zionist army in the city of Tire in Lebanon?

Zionists, a few days before and after 42 years of concealment and deception about the operation of the martyr “Ahmed Qasir” of the young Hezbollah fighter who destroyed the military headquarters of the occupying army in November 1982 with a car bomb, they published a report. A Zionist fact-finding committee formed last year concluded in its investigation that contrary to the claims and propaganda of the Zionist military and political institutions, the explosion of this building was the result of a resistance operation, not a gas leak.

The Zionists announced that 80 army and border guard soldiers were killed in this explosion and the internal security service unit (Shabak) was also destroyed. Some sources also announced the death toll of 141 people, and it seems that the number of casualties of the occupiers in this great operation of Hezbollah’s young fighters was more than this.

Why are the Zionists hiding about their casualties in the war?

Amos Hareil, a military analyst of the Zionist regime in Haaretz newspaper, believes that the public opinion of the Zionists is a very important factor in the army’s concealment in announcing the casualties, because being informed They have a very negative impact on the Israelis than the actual casualties of the army.

“Osame Khaled”, an Arabic-speaking military analyst, stated in this context: “Zionists, in order to prevent the collapse of the morale of soldiers and army officers and their families and the Zionist society in general, the real statistics of casualties They hide it so that the Zionist soldiers and settlers do not feel that the enemy is capable of carrying out such operations.


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