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Removing anti-Zionist posts on Facebook and Instagram

Meta company removes anti-Zionist content from Facebook and Instagram in support of Tel Aviv's genocide of Palestinians.

Supporting the Zionist regime in Western countries, especially in the United States, has become a principle due to the powerful Israeli lobby as well as the extensive financing chain and Zionist media giants. Therefore, even the world’s big brands are forced to support the crimes of this regime when they reach the Zionist regime

According to Al Jazeera, Meta, the owner of the Facebook and Instagram brands, announced today (Tuesday) that it will delete more posts on its social networks that are against the Zionists.

This company claims: The word Zionist is related to Jews and Israelis, not support for a political trend. Therefore, posts that contain anti-Zionist content will be removed from Meta’s social networks. 

Metta’s rules update coincides with the escalation of tensions in the West Asia and the Gaza war. 

Al Jazeera’s report states: Meta Company has been under severe criticism for years due to its biased policies in the West Asia. Criticism has intensified since the start of the war in Gaza, as human rights groups accuse Meta of suppressing pro-Palestinian content on Facebook and Instagram. 

A 2021 study commissioned by Meta found that content moderation policies have prevented Palestinians from sharing information and insights about their experiences in Palestine on Facebook and Instagram. This has had a negative impact on the human rights of Palestinians. 

Mark Zuckerberg, an American Jew and the founder of Facebook, is a supporter of the Zionist regime and has met and talked with senior Zionist officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on several occasions. 

Translator: Abulfazl Hashemi


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