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American doubts about Netanyahu’s position regarding the ceasefire negotiations

"Osame Hamdan", a member of the Hamas movement, emphasized that the Zionist occupation regime does not support the efforts of the mediating parties to reach a ceasefire agreement and the exchange of prisoners.

According to the report of Mehr news agency, quoted by the Palestine Information Center, one of the leaders of the Islamic resistance movement Hamas emphasized that the occupying regime Zionist does not support the efforts of the intermediary parties to reach a ceasefire agreement and the exchange of prisoners, and this issue is a threat to the ongoing negotiations.

“Osame Hamdan” said in a conversation with Al-Arabi Network that America’s cautious optimism shows the country’s doubts about Netanyahu’s positions in bringing the negotiations to a dead end.

This senior member of Hamas also emphasized that Egypt does not accept the presence of Israeli occupying forces in the Saladin axis (Philadelphia).

These statements of Osama Hamdan come while in the latest wave of battles in the Gaza Strip, the resistance fighters in the “Al-Sanaa” area in the west of Gaza City entered into fierce clashes with the Zionist occupying forces.


At the same time as these conflicts, the intense attacks of the Zionist army continue on Gaza City.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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