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Leader of Ansarullah: Israel’s crimes during the last 10 months are a dangerous test for human society

The leader of Yemen's Ansarullah movement said: Israel's brutal aggression against Gaza during the past 10 months is a real and dangerous test for the entire human society.

Seyd Abdul Malik al-Houthi stated in his speech today about the developments in Gaza: Israel’s genocidal war crimes against the Palestinian people are a test of conscience and common human values ​​of human society.

He added: The silence of the international community against the crime of genocide in Gaza means the loss of human dignity and the right to life of human societies.

The leader of Ansarullah added: What the Israeli enemy is doing is violating everything based on a false and insulting view of human societies.

He further pointed to the student movement and demonstrations in condemning what is happening in Gaza, and noted that the Palestinian disaster had an effect on creating awareness and removing all the veils that the Zionists had created among the people of the world, especially America and Europe. It was significant.

Sayed al-Houthi clarified: But the dangerous issue is the indifference of the countries towards the developments in Palestine, those who cooperate with the Zionist enemy and play a subversive role to trap the nation.

He stated that the crime of genocide in Gaza should awaken the human conscience and arouse a sense of responsibility in his conscience, and added: Among the heinous crimes of the enemy was the execution of 3 elderly people from the same family, one of whom was martyred during torture. It arrived and two people were executed by being crushed under the tanks.

The leader of Ansarullah said: IDPs are targeted by American smart bombs, which are used in confrontations with large armies.

In another part of his speech, he mentioned the closure of the Rafah crossing and said: For more than two months, the enemy continues to close the Rafah crossing to Egypt and prevents the entry of any food and medical equipment.

Sayed al-Houthi emphasized that in the West Bank, the enemy continues to attack cities and villages, commit murders, kidnap people, and destroy houses and infrastructure.



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