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Zionist media: Northern settlements have become “ghost areas”.

While the Zionist settlers have evacuated most of the occupied Palestinian settlements for fear of resistance attacks, the Hebrew media reported that the northern settlements have become “ghost areas”.

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According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency, after Intensification of rocket attacks by Hezbollah in Lebanon towards Zionist settlements in the north of occupied Palestine in response to the aggression of the Zionist regime in southern Lebanon, and especially after the invaders attacked a civilian car in southern Lebanon, which resulted in the martyrdom of 4 of its occupants, including 3 children. The Zionist media announced that fear has reigned in the northern settlements of Israel (Palestine) Hezbollah has evacuated the settlements and these settlements have become ghost areas.

The reporter of Channel 13 of the Zionist regime announced in this context that the entire Jalil area has been evacuated and Hezbollah He considers this an achievement for himself. The distance between the Hezbollah forces and the houses of Kiryat Shmoune and nearby settlements is very small and is much closer than the distance between the settlements around Gaza and the Hamas forces.

He added, in your northern settlements You feel that Hezbollah forces are in your backyard and it is very scary. I really don’t know how Israelis can return to these settlements.

Zionist media: the initiative in the northern front is completely in the hands of Hezbollah
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The 13 channel of the Zionist regime TV also announced in another report that Kiryat Shmoune has become an unsafe town without a guard and is exposed to fast and accurate rocket attacks by Hezbollah.

“Nir Dovari”, the journalist of TV channel 12 of the occupying regime, who covers news the clashes on the border of occupied Palestine with Lebanon He announced that Hezbollah forces are a few meters away from us. This issue is very worrying for the Israelis and has caused panic among the residents of the towns near the Lebanese border.

He added that Israel needs two years to complete a new fence in the north. It is time and the situation in this region is very worrying and everyone should be worried. 12 TV of the occupying regime announced that if we cannot tell the residents of Beiri (around Gaza) and Kiryat Shemune (in the north of occupied Palestine) to return to their homes, this means the collapse of Zionism.

Zionist media, expressing concern about the escalation of Hezbollah’s missile attacks on the northern regions of occupied Palestine, announced that Hezbollah has the power to reach deep into Israel (occupied Palestine) if it wants to.

These media reported, the fact is that today the initiative on the northern front is in the hands of Hezbollah and the Israeli army is frustrated and has been on the defensive for a long time.

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