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Macron: Ukraine can attack Russia with French weapons

The French president's words about the training of 4,500 Ukrainian soldiers, the transfer of Mirage fighter jets to Kiev, and the permission to use French missiles for Ukraine's attack on Russia, have been criticized in Moscow and Paris and have been considered as crossing all previous red lines.

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According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency, Emmanuel Macron was quoted by “Tas” news agency. The French president announced in a television interview that the armed forces of Ukraine will be allowed to attack deep into Russian territory using French missiles. He allowed such attacks, but noted that the targets could only be the points from which Russian missiles would be launched into Ukraine. The French president said: “We tell the Ukrainians: we allow you We do not allow you to use French weapons to attack Russian civilians, but to neutralize the points from which you were attacked, yes, you have this permission.” He also pointed out that Paris intends to 4.5 to train a thousand Ukrainian military forces, at the same time he claimed that France does not intend to escalate the military conflict in Ukraine. According to Macron, France has been fighting for peace since the first day of the conflict in Ukraine, but as he said Everyone should understand that “Peace cannot mean surrender and for that one must show intensity”. According to him, if the Ukrainians are forced to negotiate with Moscow, it will mean the defeat of Kiev in the conflict.

Emmanuel Macron also said that France has started training Ukrainian pilots and has acquired Mirage 5-2000 fighters. It will be delivered to Kiev by the end of this year. The French president added: “We will start a new cooperation with Ukraine from tomorrow and we will also announce the sale of the Mirage 2000-5.” has been in the service of the French army.

Referring to Macron’s role in provoking a military conflict between NATO and Russia

Alexei Pushkov, a high-ranking Russian senator, expressed his opinion that The President of France has shown his lack of responsibility by announcing the transfer of Mirage fighter jets to Kiev and the training of Ukrainian soldiers. Regarding the non-escalation of the situation, he cannot hide the fact that he is one of the main drivers of a possible war between NATO member states and Russia.” The senator added that the efforts of the French president to convince public opinion The fact that “his actions did not escalate the situation” does not help to exonerate him, and he clearly does not feel much responsibility for his actions as a world leader.

Filippo Macron because Sending fighters to Ukraine is crazy. Florian Philippe, the leader of the French Patriot Party and a candidate for representation in the European Parliament, also believes that Emmanuel Macron is crazy and his decision to send Mirage fighters to Ukraine. It increases the risk of World War III. 

He, in turn, wrote on the X social network (former Twitter): Macron has gone completely crazy! He announces the transfer of the Mirage 5-2000 fighter to Ukraine, which will further reduce the defense capability of the French army and further accelerate the escalation of the situation and the possibility of the start of the third world war.

Filippo also recalled that the French president promised given to train 4.5 thousand Ukrainian military personnel, but such military instructions must be immediately violated.” Yesterday Larry Johnson, a former CIA agent and American political expert, also warned that Russia because of the permission Washington and other Western capitals will give Ukraine a decisive response to the United States and other NATO members for attacking areas deep in Russian territory with weapons, from which there is no way back.

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