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America sanctioned Georgian parliamentarians

The spokesperson of the US State Department announced that the US government has sanctioned visas for dozens of Georgian citizens due to the approval of the "Transparency of Foreign Influence" law and is ready to expand the restrictions in this regard.

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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, citing “Interfax” news agency, Matthew Miller, The spokesperson of the US Department of State announced in a press conference last night, Thursday, that the United States has imposed visa sanctions against dozens of Georgian citizens and is ready to expand this restriction. According to him, these restrictions have been imposed due to the adoption of the Foreign Agents Act (“Transparency of Foreign Influence”) in this country.

Miller added: “Today we are taking steps to impose visa restrictions on dozens of citizens. We are Georgian. The first package of restrictions is applied to members of the “Georgia Dream” party in parliament, law enforcement officers and some other figures of the country.” The diplomat continued, Washington does not intend to inform these people about the sanctions. and their names will be published, but they will be prevented from entering the United States.

Georgian official: It is wrong to impose sanctions on Tbilisi officials

Tia Tsolukiani Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture and Sports of Georgia last night in a TV interview, expressed his opinion that the decision of the United States to impose sanctions on the officials of this country is a wrong action. He said: “Unfortunately, this decision is wrong. that the United States commits in relation to its strategic partner. Apparently, it is the independent policy of our government that has become a problem for America, and for this reason, efforts are being made to create and deepen a gap between the government and the people of Georgia.” He added: “Georgia will never withdraw from its strategic relations with the United States.” He did not, but he is trying to implement an independent policy. According to him, the people of Georgia have a history of a thousand years and they have a code that they use to distinguish “where the truth and where lies” are located. Meanwhile, Tsolokiani expressed hope that the relations between Georgia and the United States will definitely be normalized in the future.

On May 14, the Parliament of Georgia passed the Law on Foreign Agents (“Transparency of Foreign Influence” Law). Salome Zurabishvili, the president of this country, vetoed it, but the parliamentarians overcame it with a majority vote. The law took effect on June 3. After that, Washington threatened to impose visa restrictions on Georgia and review bilateral cooperation. Josep Burrell, the head of EU diplomacy, in turn, warned that the approval of this law will have a negative impact on Georgia’s European integration process. A few days ago, the “Financial Times” newspaper reported, quoting its news sources. that Georgia’s request to develop relations with the European Union may subsequently be blocked. And Europe about imposing sanctions against Georgia

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