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The meeting of senior security officials of Russia and Tajikistan in “Doshanbe”

In the meeting between the secretaries of the Security Council of Russia and Tajikistan, issues related to the security of the country’s borders with Afghanistan were discussed and opinions were exchanged.

According to the Fars news agency reporter in Dushanbe, the secretaries of the security councils of Tajikistan and Russia discussed and exchanged opinions on current security issues on the border of Tajikistan and Afghanistan in the framework of a working meeting.

In this meeting, the two sides reviewed the prospect of cooperation in the field of security and paid special attention to measures in the field of countering terrorism and biological threats.

During this meeting, The FIMA cooperation program between the security councils of Russia and Tajikistan was signed until 2025.

Meanwhile, Imangali Tasmgambitov, Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, while speaking at the 11th meeting of secretaries of the Security Councils The security of the member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States also expressed concern about the threats in the southern borders of the Collective Security Treaty. The difficulty of Afghanistan is related to the instability in the regions bordering this country.

According to the Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, this issue is the rapid completion of the targeted project of the intergovernmental program of the Collective Security Treaty Organization in approves the direction of strengthening the common borders of Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

“Semyan Grigarif”, the Russian ambassador to Tajikistan, in an interview with one of the country’s newspapers, also stated that “Moscow” wants to increase its combat potential. The armed forces of Tajikistan will continue to provide arms to this country, as this will maintain stability in the Central Asian region.

He noted that Russia intends to provide military and technical assistance. including the supply of weapons, the training of troops and the training of Tajik military personnel.

Grigariev said: Russia’s cooperation with Tajikistan in the field of security is an important factor to ensure stability both in Tajikistan and in The whole of Central Asia is evaluated.

He stated: Russia’s 201st military base located in Tajikistan continuously helps the Ministry of Defense of this country, but cooperation between Moscow and Dushanbe in the field of security issues It is not limited only to the activities of this military base.

The Russian ambassador continued in Dushanbe and added: Within the framework of this cooperation, Tajik military personnel are trained in specialized Russian universities.

He also mentioned that in 2023, a military post in Tajikistan on the border with Afghanistan was built and operated at the expense of the Russian government.

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