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Hamas: The occupiers are unable to achieve their goals in facing the resistance

One of the leaders of the Palestinian resistance movement (Hamas) said that the occupiers are unable to achieve any of their goals in confronting the resistance.

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according to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency, Sami Abu Zahari, one of the leaders of the Palestinian resistance movement (Hamas) said that the Israeli occupation They are unable to achieve any of their goals in the face of the resistance.

The senior member of the Hamas movement added: Today, Gaza makes its own weapons, a weapon that the Merkawai tank has been able to use. destroy Israel.

He called the inflammation of the Lebanese front a deterrent against the occupiers and breaking their authority and said: the occupiers with the decision and support of the government America is busy killing the Palestinian people.

Abu Zahari continued: We must treat the American government as an enemy, because it has gone beyond favoring and supporting Israel. and is involved in the crimes of the occupiers.

This leader of the Palestinian resistance movement stated that the resistance operations in the region and the expansion of the fronts carry the message that Gaza is not alone and added : The United States of America must pay for its support of Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people.

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