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Mirziyayev: The establishment of an independent state is the right of the Palestinian people

The President of Uzbekistan said: The establishment of an independent state is the right of the Palestinian people, a matter that is also confirmed by the United Nations resolutions.

According to the Fars news agency reporter in Tashkent, the President of Uzbekistan “Shaukat Mirziyoyev” at the 16th meeting of the Economic Cooperation Organization in the city of “Tashkent” focused on increasing humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan, solving severe social problems. He emphasized the economy in this country based on collective responsibility and acceptable mechanisms.

The President of Uzbekistan pointed out that the meeting will be held today without the participation of Afghanistan, a member of the organization. , stated: We cannot allow the multi-ethnic people of Afghanistan, who have been our closest neighbors for centuries, to be left alone with the current complex problems. The active participation of this country in the processes of regional integration is a definite and necessary condition for our sustainable development.

Mirziayev continued: The war between Palestine and the Zionist regime in the Middle East is a serious threat to world peace and security. It is very worrying for all of us. Unfortunately, the victims of bloody conflicts are primarily a large number of civilians, especially women, children and the elderly. The risk of war spreading across the region is becoming increasingly real.

We must not allow this confrontation to turn into a widespread conflict, he noted. We request the parties to immediately stop military conflicts, start peaceful negotiations and reach a wise compromise. We express that the Palestinian people have the right to create their own independent country, while the United Nations resolutions also confirm it. Mirziyaev said: We completely reject the plans. And we support the goals of deepening cooperation through the development of regional trade of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which will take over the presidency of this organization next year.

To encourage mutual trade, he said: Last year, the trade index between our countries was at the level of 85 billion dollars. This is only 8% of the total foreign trade of the member countries of the organization. Unfortunately, years of efforts to conclude a preferential trade agreement have not brought the expected results, there are still many limitations and challenges in creating unhindered trade.

He added: We must Openly acknowledge to take a fresh look at the situation and change it for the better. In this regard, I request the approval of the Trade Facilitation Agreement in the Economic Cooperation Organization, which was developed by our experts. He stated: Most member countries do not have direct access to the sea. At the same time, we must make the most of the potential of intercontinental transport corridors that connect to the main markets in the Asia-Pacific region, South Asia, the Middle East and Europe and pass through our territories. The establishment of multi-modal corridors on the route “China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan” and the Trans-Afghan road in the future is in the interest of all member countries. Join the document that was approved on November 2 in the city of “Tashkent” at the meeting of transport ministers about the development of the “Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan-Iran-Turkey” transport corridor, the optimization of tariffs and mutual costs.

He noted: Currently, there are about 90 works registered in the “UNESCO” world heritage list in the space of this organization, and about 80 million foreign tourists visit our countries every year. they do. Due to the growing popularity of cross-border destinations, I propose to introduce joint tourism routes and increase joint tourism programs under the name “Silk Road”. I present a separate advisory committee in the field of tourism under the supervision of the secretariat of the organization consisting of tourism departments and prominent experts from member countries. . We also ask the member countries to effectively use the opportunities of the International Tourism Academy of the World Tourism Organization, which was opened in Samarkand.

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