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Aliyev: Baku does not need a new war with Yerevan

The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan emphasized that the country achieved its goals in the second Nagorno-Karabakh war and said that Baku does not need a new war with Yerevan.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan “Ilham Aliyev” during a speech at a military parade in “Khan Kandi” emphasizing that Baku is following There is no other war with Yerevan, he said: “If the government of Armenia and some foreign forces supporting this country had listened to my words then and now, there would be no need for the second Karabakh war. We do not need a new war. We achieved what we wanted and restored international law and historical justice”. The victory of the Azerbaijani army in the second Karabakh war is indicated by the fact that it was held on the 8th of November (November 17) in Khan Kandi.

He described the second Nagorno-Karabakh war as a “historical event” and said: “Three years ago, the city of Shusha, which is the crown of the Karabakh kingdom, was liberated from the invaders. One day after that, the enemy army was encircled and raised the white flag, and then the Second Karabakh War ended with the complete victory of the country (Republic) of Azerbaijan. This is a historical event”. Minsk reminded the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and said: “When I started my activity as president 20 years ago, I told my dear people that we should be ready to liberate our lands through military means. At that time, there were still hopes for peace talks, but after many years these hopes were lost.

He continued: He did not want to leave our lands out of his will. The mediators who participated in the settlement of the (Republic of) Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict really tried to resolve the situation and believed that the people of Azerbaijan would accept the situation, but the people of Azerbaijan never came to terms with this situation.”

Alif, referring to this issue, continued: “If the leadership of Armenia and some foreign forces that were and are behind it at that time and today, would have listened to my words There was no need for the Second Karabakh War. I have always said to the leadership of Armenia: if you do not leave our lands, you will face us on the battlefield, and whoever is behind you will not be able to force us to return from our fair path. The 44-day patriotic war showed this once again”.

The army of the Republic of Azerbaijan started an operation in Karabakh in September this year and after Armenian forces surrendered. The two countries have since expressed their willingness to sign a peace agreement, although no significant progress has been made and ongoing border clashes have continued.

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