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Heavy clashes between Zionist and Palestinian soldiers in Nablus and Jenin

The Palestinian media reported the heavy clashes between the Zionist military and the Palestinians in Jenin and the martyrdom of 10 Palestinians.

According to the report of Fars News Agency, Palestinian media reported that 10 Palestinians were killed and 20 others were injured in the drone attack and attack of the Zionist forces on the city of Jenin on Thursday.

Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that 10 Palestinians were martyred in Jenin and 20 others were injured, some of them were targeted by drone attacks.

According to the report of the Palestinian website “Safa”, the Zionist regime also targeted an ambulance that was transporting the wounded, and the Zionist military prevented the medical team from entering inside. The Jenin camp was prevented from helping the wounded.

On the other hand, the Palestine News Agency (Wafa) reported that five Palestinians were wounded in the Balata camp located in the east of Nablus city.

According to this report, the Israeli soldiers attacked the said camp, which caused a fierce conflict between them and the Palestinian citizens, and as a result, five Palestinians were shot. They fought and were wounded.

Security sources reported that a group of special forces of the Zionist regime attacked this camp and started shooting widely at the citizens.

In this regard, the mosques of Nablus invited people through loudspeakers to go to the Balata camp and confront the soldiers of the Zionist regime.

Some media also announced the deployment of more soldiers and military equipment of the Zionist regime to the city of Jenin and Al-Nasara Street.
Also, some media reported the wounding of a Zionist soldier in Jenin.

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