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Amir Abdullahian in a conversation with his Qatari counterpart: the expansion of the scope of the war has become inevitable

In a phone call with his Qatari counterpart, Iran’s Foreign Minister said: Due to the increase in the intensity of the war against the civilian residents of Gaza, the expansion of the scope of the war has now become inevitable.

According to the foreign policy group of Fars news agency, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian and “Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani” Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar tonight (Thursday), November 18, in a telephone conversation, about the latest They discussed the developments related to Palestine and the current situation in Gaza.

This is the second phone call between the foreign ministers of Iran and Qatar in the last week. On the phone with his Qatari counterpart, while discussing the situation in Gaza, he discussed some proposed initiatives regarding establishing a temporary ceasefire or expanding the scope of the war.

Amir Abdullahian and his Qatari counterpart tonight in This phone call, while strongly condemning the attacks of the Zionist regime against civilians and expressing deep concern about the humanitarian situation in Gaza and the continuation of large-scale military attacks against civilians, women and children, regarding the political ways to end the barbaric attacks of the Israeli regime, establishing an immediate ceasefire and sending continuous humanitarian aid to the besieged and war-torn people of Gaza.

Amir Abdullahian discussed the current situation several times with his Qatari counterpart in the past month and following the attacks of the Zionist regime on Gaza. He had a phone conversation in Gaza and the need to stop the crimes of the Zionist regime, and he traveled to Doha twice in this regard and met with Qatar’s foreign minister, the Emir of the country, and Ismail Haniyeh, the head of the Hamas office.

In a phone call tonight, the foreign ministers of Iran and Qatar also exchanged views on some proposed initiatives on how to reach a possible ceasefire. Civilian residents of Gaza, now the expansion of the scope of the war has become inevitable.

Today (Thursday) is 34 days since the Al-Aqsa storm operation and the Zionist response to this operation with the military attack and invasion of Gaza. and the intensification of the siege of this area is going on. According to the latest published statistics, from the beginning of the Zionist regime’s aggression to the Gaza Strip until yesterday (the thirty-third day of the attacks), 10,569 people have been martyred, of which 4,237 were children, 2,823 were women and girls, and 631 were elderly. And more than 3,000 people are missing and 26,000 Palestinian citizens are injured.

According to Fars report, a source close to the Hamas movement said today that Qatar mediated a three-day ceasefire in exchange for the release of 12 Asir had reported to the resistance in Gaza.

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