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Iraqi resistance: The cessation of resistance operations against America depends on the ceasefire in Gaza

The general secretary of “Kataib Seyyed al-Shahada” of Iraq emphasized that the Iraqi resistance operation against the American invaders will stop only if the Zionist aggression against Gaza is stopped.

According to the report of the international group of Fars news agency, “Abu Alaa al-Walai”, the general secretary of the Iraqi Seyyed al-Shahada Book, emphasized the continuation of resistance operations against the American invaders in this country.

Some Iraqi media released a video about a new attack on Americans at the Harir base in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Abu Alaa al-Walai said that the resistance operations against the American invaders in Iraq will stop only when the Zionist aggression against Gaza stops.

According to the report of Al-Mayadeen network, Abu Alaa al-Walai stated: “A ceasefire with the American occupiers in Iraq is possible only if a real and binding ceasefire is established for the enemy against the people of Gaza. It will be.”

He added that a safe exit for the occupiers from Iraq is possible only when the humanitarian aid convoy enters Gaza continuously and safely.

The general secretary of Kataib Seyyed al-Shahada of Iraq also said that the Islamic resistance of this country emphasizes its firm position to stand by the Palestinian nation and its resistance.

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