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Field report The Zionist regime’s missile attacks on Syria in the shadow of Damascus’ silence

In the early morning of Wednesday, the Zionist regime attacked the Zainabiyah area and two military bases in Suwayda province at the same time. Tel Aviv uses various tools to prevent the activation of the southern Syrian front; But the resistance is preparing for the liberation of the Golan.

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According to the Arabic website Tasnim News Agency

, the capital and south of Syria witness irregular but numerous attacks by the Zionist regime; The attacks show that Tel Aviv does not want and cannot rely on the actions of intermediaries such as “UN peacekeeping forces” and “Russia” and is worried about the activation of the resistance axis on the borders of the occupied Golan.

In this regard, Syria witnessed numerous explosions on Wednesday morning. One of the areas targeted by rocket attacks was the “Zinbiya” area, which caused the citizens of the south of the capital to feel a great tremor. The bombers of the Zionist regime, violating the airspace of Lebanon, targeted the Zainabiyah region from the sky of Baalbek. At the same time, two points in Sweida province were also targeted by rocket attacks. At the same time, some sources report that two more rockets hit around Damascus.

In a conversation with Tasnim, he stated: “This aggression by the Zionist regime is not the first example of recent attacks by this regime.” Earlier, we witnessed their attack on Damascus and Aleppo airports, which caused the closure of these two airports. Also, the attack on military bases in Daraa province should be taken into account, which resulted in the martyrdom of a number of Syrian army forces.” He further added: “According to the Chief of the Joint Staff of the Zionist Army, these aggressions are carried out in response to the attacks on the Golan Front. Because from this area, some military centers of the Zionist regime have been targeted by artillery attacks. It seems that the resistance axis has strengthened and intensified its presence in the south of Syria and is closely monitoring all the actions of the Zionist enemy in order to respond to these criminal and brutal actions of the enemy.”

However, the political authorities of Damascus have refused to make any comments in this regard. Some experts believe that the Syrian government deliberately refrains from commenting on this matter in order to open the way for any plan and cause “confusion” for the other side with its silence. But at the same time, field sources confirm that the Syrian government, despite its official silence, has given the green light to the resistance groups to strengthen their presence near the borders of the occupied Golan and prepare themselves for the operation to liberate this area.

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