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Hamas: 40,000 residential units in Gaza have been completely destroyed

The information office of the Hamas-affiliated government in Gaza announced that the Zionist regime has so far dropped about 32 thousand tons of bombs and rockets on the people of Gaza.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, the government information office in Gaza today (Friday) reading the unprecedented level of destruction that occurred following the attacks, said that half of the houses in Gaza were completely or partially damaged.

According to Al Jazeera, this statement states that 40,000 houses in Gaza have been completely razed to the ground and the occupation regime has destroyed 32,000 tons, including 13,000 bombs and missiles. It has fallen on the people of Gaza.

According to this organization, the amount of damage caused to residential buildings and apartments reaches two billion dollars.

In this regard, the report of a United Nations body indicates that the Zionist regime’s war-mongering has set back the economy of the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank by a decade. published a disappointing picture of the economic conditions in the Gaza Strip. 10,700 people have been martyred in Gaza after the attacks of the Zionist regime.

Abdullah al-Dari, the director of the regional office of the United Nations Development Program, said that since the beginning of the conflicts, the number of Palestinians living in poverty has There has been an increase of 300,000 people.

The UN Refugee Agency has reported that nearly 1.5 million people have been displaced in Gaza since the beginning of the conflict in Gaza. At the same time, the action of the Israeli regime in the complete siege of Gaza has caused a humanitarian crisis in this region.

Al-Dardari said that if the war continues for another month, the Palestinian economy will go back 19 years. He will come back. “This means that Palestine will go back to 2001-2002,” he said.

He added: “Every investment that the international community and the Palestinian people have spent on human development – Be it education, health, growth, trade – and everything built since 2002 will be lost.”

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