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Supporters of Palestine occupy the office of the New York Times newspaper + video

A group of Palestinian supporters protested the biased coverage of the Gaza war by the New York Times and entered the lobby of the newspaper building and demanded that the media support the ceasefire.

According to the report of the international group of Fars news agency, a group of supporters of Palestine in the United States protested the way the New York Times covered the war in Gaza and occupied the office of this American media for a while and protested the news line of this newspaper. The newspaper called for a ceasefire in Gaza.

According to the report of the Independent, since the start of the Zionist regime’s invasion of Gaza, there have been various protests in America in protest against the policies of the Joe Biden government and the media’s approach in support of the regime. Zionist has been held.

According to this report, thousands of American protesters started their protests from Manhattan in the center of New York City on Thursday, which caused heavy traffic in this area and then to They went to Times Square and 8th Street near the office of the New York Times newspaper.

The protesters, who were accompanied by a section that introduced themselves as the Writers’ Block, entered the lobby of the New York Times newspaper building for a while and They occupied it.

They entered the New York Times newspaper building around 5:00 pm local time with banners and placards demanding a ceasefire in Gaza.

Protesters at the New York Times building accused the newspaper’s staff of complicity with the Zionist regime’s genocide and chanted slogans asking the newspaper to “tell the truth”.


Also, the protesters were holding fake newspapers from the New York Times with the front headline about war crimes. Israel was in Gaza.

Protesters then asked the staff of this newspaper to openly support the ceasefire in Gaza.

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