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Lavrov: The West is trying to create differences between Russia and its neighbors

Pointing out that the West wants to be friends with Armenia against Russia, the Russian Foreign Minister also said about Macron’s visit to Kazakhstan: Western countries are trying to provoke Russia’s closest neighbors and allies against this country and create differences between them.

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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, quoted by “Tas” news agency, Sergey Lavrov, The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia announced in a TV program last night that after the events in Karabakh, the Western countries are now trying to “pacify” Armenia and attract this country to their side, and they are willing to settle on the basis of confrontation. Establish friendly relations with Russia and Yerevan.

He mentioned that now it is clear that the Western countries are actively in contact with Armenia and are trying to be friends with this country against Russia. Lavrov also emphasized that Moscow has no bias against Yerevan’s foreign partners.

He explained: “We are in favor of Armenia as a member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, as our close ally and strategic partner. to determine how to establish relations with foreign partners. We have absolutely no prejudice against the circle of Yerevan’s foreign partners, friends or whatever you want to call it. He believed that Western countries are trying to provoke Russia’s closest neighbors and allies against this country and create differences between them.

Sergei Lavrov said: “The Western elites, when they look at our allies, our closest friends and neighbors, they actually want to be friends with them, but with the important addition that: Let’s limit our relations with Russia, because Russia is under sanctions, this will continue for a long time, and this is their loss. Exactly the same words are used”

Remembering that Emmanuel Macron expressed his opinion in a press conference that “Kazakhstan will not be anyone’s puppet”, he said, referring to a proverb whose meaning is self-explanatory. Is. The foreign minister added: “Unfortunately, Western countries always try to be friends with others only for their own benefit, without understanding the principle of balance of interests and mutual interests. They always want to benefit only for themselves. This is a colonial and neo-colonial mentality.”

The Russian foreign minister added that Moscow, unlike the Western elite, would never “make friends with anyone to confront a third party.”

Sergei A few days ago, Lavrov mentioned that Russia interacts and cooperates with the majority of countries in the world, which make up 85% of the world’s population. According to him, these countries consider Russia a reliable partner. He added: Therefore, the claim of Russia’s international isolation, despite its relations with most of the world’s countries, does not make sense. “> Lavrov: The expansion of the conflict to Syria is unacceptable/ US policy is the reason for the escalation of the conflict in the Middle East

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