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Guterres: The situation for the residents of Gaza is an endless nightmare

The Secretary General of the United Nations today described the situation in the Gaza Strip as an “endless nightmare” for the residents of the region and called for action by the international community to protect civilians.

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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, Antonio Guterres, the Secretary General of the United Nations, the situation in the Gaza Strip today He described it as “an endless nightmare” for the residents of this area and called for action by the international community to protect civilians.

He said: “Their neighborhoods (Gaza residents) have been destroyed.” Their loved ones have been killed. Bombs are falling from the sky and they are deprived of their basic needs, including food, water, medicine and electricity. The amount of aid that enters Gaza is a drop in the ocean, and the international community must take action to protect civilians.”

Guterres stated: “The situation in Gaza is an endless human nightmare for the citizens.” An hour earlier, Al Jazeera reporter Hani Mahmoud reported the deadly attacks of the Israeli regime in Khan Yunis, located in the south of Gaza. continues throughout the region.

Hani Mahmoud says that Gaza City and the northern parts of the region were targeted by heavy night bombings by the Israeli regime, and it seemed that medical centers were the main target of these attacks.

According to “Mahmoud”, it seems that Israel’s intention was to send this message to medical teams and Palestinian refugees that nowhere, even inside the hospital, is safe to take shelter.

In the late hours of last night, Al-Shafa Hospital was attacked with tank bullets and airstrikes, as a result of which 6 people were martyred and several others were injured.

According to this report, in the center of Gaza, “Al-Nasr” and “Alrentisi” hospitals were targeted. Israeli armored vehicles and tanks surrounded these two hospitals and shelled them directly with tanks.

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Indonesian hospital in Gaza, which hosted the residents of northern Gaza in the past days, was attacked once again and the bombardment destroyed the infrastructure of the hospital and the roads leading to the door. It was entered.

In this regard, “Francesca Albanese”, the UN special rapporteur on the Palestinian territories, has described Israel’s decision to create a 4-hour pause in the war as “very cruel and ironic”.

Francisca Albanese said: “Now with A 4-hour hiatus was agreed to allow people to catch their breath and remember the sound of life without bombing. It’s very cruel and ironic.”

John Kirby, spokesman for the White House Security Council, claimed yesterday (Thursday) that the Israeli regime has agreed to establish a 4-hour cease-fire in northern Gaza. He said: “Tel Aviv has informed us that it will not carry out any daily military operations during this period of time.” The north of Gaza announced thousands of civilians living in this area and moving them to the southern areas.

At the end of his speech, Kirby said: The White House does not support the option of establishing a complete ceasefire in Gaza at this time.

Despite this, the Zionist authorities tried to downplay this issue by stating that there will be “local tactical interruptions” in Gaza.

The number of Palestinians killed in the attacks of the regime The number of martyred Zionists has reached 10,790. 4412 of the martyrs are children and 2918 of them are women. More than 26,000 people have been injured.

On Friday morning, the Zionist regime targeted several hospitals with its barbaric attacks. Several rockets hit near the Indonesian hospital in Gaza early Friday morning, which is home to thousands of displaced and wounded Palestinians. The bombing of the Zionist regime continues.

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