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About half of German citizens want early elections

The results of the latest survey show that there is a high dissatisfaction with the current coalition government led by “Olaf Schultz” in Germany and about half of the citizens want early elections.

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According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency, citing the German publication “D Site”, the results A survey shows that there is a lot of dissatisfaction with Germany’s so-called traffic light coalition government among German citizens. Based on this, only less than a third of the surveyed people supported the continuation of this government.

In this survey, 41 percent were in favor of holding new elections. On the other hand, just under a third of those polled by the morning magazine ARD (32 percent) want the so-called traffic light coalition to continue until the next regular federal election in 2025.

16 percent of citizens also welcomed the fact that the current government coalition consisting of the Social Democratic parties, the Greens and the Liberal Democratic Party will be replaced by a grand coalition consisting of the Social Democratic Party and the Union of United Christian Parties.

The strongest supporters of the new elections are supporters of the extreme Alternative for Germany party (86 percent). Among supporters of the United Christian Union, 39% favor joining a grand coalition. The majority of supporters of the Social Democratic Party (62 percent) and the Greens (80 percent) are those who support the continuation of the traffic light coalition throughout its legal term. In the future, the CUP can defend its first place and will still be the strongest faction with 30% of the vote.

The far-right Alternative for Germany will remain in second place with 21%, but Compared to the last poll from November 2, it will lose one percentage point. The chancellor’s Social Democratic Party will get just 15 percent, again its weakest result since the 2021 federal election after a previous low in October and a slight recovery last week.

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