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Polish transport workers’ protest against EU facilitation rules in favor of Ukrainian companies

Polish trucking companies have blocked the borders with Ukraine in protest against EU laws facilitating Ukrainian companies.

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According to the international group Tasnim news agency quoted by German NTV, as a result of the campaign The protest of Polish trucking companies, which has been going on for several days, thousands of vehicles are stuck on the border of Poland and Ukraine.

Aleksandr Kobrakov, Minister of Reconstruction of Ukraine, said: Currently, more than 20,000 vehicles They are blocked on both sides. According to him, trucks were particularly affected.

The Ukrainian side did not reveal how many private cars were affected by this protest.

Kubakov said at the same time. that Ukraine respects the right to protest and is ready to solve the problem together. However, he also emphasized that the actions of the Polish demonstrators are disrupting logistics routes and that this action has affected the economy of Ukraine and the European Union.

Polish local police told AFP that, for example, in Hrebenne-Rawa Ruska border crossing There were about 500 trucks in a line 40 kilometers long. According to him, the waiting time to cross the border is about 160 hours.

Since Monday, dozens of Polish freight companies have protested against what they consider “unfair competition” from Ukrainian companies and closed important border crossings. have blocked Organizers of these protests blame the European Union’s easing regulations for Ukrainian companies. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the European Union suspended a number of cross-border transport requirements. According to Polish companies, this led to a wave of Ukrainian competitors entering the market.

Poland and Ukraine are traditionally close allies. Since the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine, Warsaw has been one of Kiev’s biggest supporters and arms suppliers. But recently, disputes over Ukraine’s grain exports have worsened relations between the two countries.

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