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What did Amir Abdullahian say to his Egyptian counterpart in Riyadh?

Referring to his meeting with his Egyptian counterpart on the sidelines of the summit in Riyadh, the foreign minister said: I told Mr. Sameh al-Shakri, today is our exam day and Egypt is expected to open the Rafah crossing to send water, medicine, food and fuel to Gaza.

According to the foreign policy group of Fars News Agency, yesterday (Saturday) 20th of November, Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, hosted the meeting of heads of Islamic and Arab countries regarding the situation in Palestine, and Ayatollah Raisi participated in this meeting at the head of the delegation. .

On the sidelines of this meeting, a meeting was also held between Ayatollah Raisi and Egyptian President El-Sisi. He accompanied this trip, tonight (Sunday), November 21, on X social network, referring to his conversation with his Egyptian counterpart, he wrote: In Riyadh, I told Foreign Minister Mr. Sameh al-Shakri, today is our test day and Egypt is expected to open the Rafah crossing to send open water, medicine, food and fuel to Gaza.

According to Fars report, Amir Abdullahian, since the beginning of the recent developments in Palestine and the crimes of the Zionists in Gaza and the intensification of the blockade of Gaza by this regime, with his counterpart Masri himself had talked three times by phone and announced Iran’s readiness to send humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza through Egypt and the Rafah border. : The Israeli regime collapsed on October 7 and is now alive on American artificial respiration. What the world is witnessing is America’s full-scale war against Gaza.

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