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The destruction of Israeli roots and the solution of the Palestinian issue

“Ceasefire demand for the Gaza Strip is necessary, but not sufficient. The people of Gaza ultimately need decolonization and the right to self-determination.

Fars News Agency International Group; Ajamo Baraka, the secretary and columnist of the American news-analytical site Black Agenda Report, which represents the black community, believes that establishing a ceasefire in the current war between Hamas and the Zionist regime, considering the records of the oppressive apartheid policies of the Zionist regime against the Palestinians in the past few decades, will help to resolve the war. It will not, because the roots of the problem will still remain.

This black American political activist wrote: “UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres recently told reporters in New York City: The nightmare of Gaza is more than It is a humanitarian crisis. The main crisis is actually the crisis of humanity. The urgency of establishing a ceasefire in Gaza increases with each passing hour.

People around the world, after being forced to witness brutal terrorism and mass punishment against occupied Palestine and its oppressed people by The settler-colonial government of Israel has become angry and hundreds of thousands of them have started demonstrations in the streets of cities all over the world. In the middle of the sound of bombings against the buildings of the dark city of 2.2 million people of Gaza, it has been published and it has caused a moral outrage that is expressed in the field of politics in the form of a demand for a ceasefire. It is believed that the ceasefire will at least stop the killing. Although the establishment of a ceasefire will temporarily stop the indiscriminate killing of innocent Palestinians, the pain and suffering of the Palestinians who live under the inhumane conditions of the occupiers, such as the conditions of a forced labor camp in Gaza and other parts of occupied Palestine, will continue until the next round of intensification of resistance or settler attacks. Found.

The project of European immigration to the American continent is also something similar to the story of Israel. From 1492, the Europeans traveled to the American continent from the continent that later became Europe, and there they gained power by stealing the land of the natives and the most brutal form of slavery that humanity has ever seen, and then the policy of global expansion of colonialism and capitalism based on the revolution. They started an industry. In the meantime, the European Jewish immigrants had one goal: to expand the colonial power of Israel and to control all the lands of the indigenous people of Palestine. The Israeli bourgeoisie, unlike other colonial projects that engaged in the genocide of indigenous peoples, have not yet been able to massacre or displace all Palestinian people.

The continuous development of Israeli settlements, the apartheid wall, Checkpoints that have made the lives of Palestinians painful, settler attacks on neighboring areas, the impunity of violent settlers, their thefts from homes, mass arrests, the assassination of Palestinian leaders, confronting peaceful demonstrations with war bullets, the inhumane siege of the Gaza Strip, periodic attacks. In Gaza (according to the Israeli government, mowing the grass), all of these reveal the boundless violence of Israel’s colonial project and will continue until its colonial approach changes.

Meaning This situation is clear; That without the end of the Israeli colonial project, the apartheid laws, the incitement of the Palestinians and the normalization of violence, even if a truce is established today, there will be war again tomorrow because the Palestinians will continue to oppose and the Palestinian refugees will unite with each other. .

The only solution to the problem is the implementation of real decolonization. This decolonization should be imposed on the Israeli colonialists as the freedom fighters in the past in countries such as Algeria, Vietnam, Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa. They imposed. Israelis know that the European colonial projects succeeded only when the colonizers were able to kill the majority of the indigenous people and subject the survivors to permanent internal colonialism similar to the situation in the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. The Israeli ruling class, represented by the current fascist coalition led by Benjamin Netanyahu, has made it clear that they intend to impose what they call the Final Solution on the Palestinians.

No electricity, no food, no water, no fuel! Yoav Gallant, Israel’s Minister of War, said: “We are fighting anthropomorphic animals in Gaza and we are acting accordingly.” Being part of a national, ethnic, racial or religious group. Also, in the definition of genocide, one of the following five actions occurs:

Killing group members
Causing serious physical or mental harm to group members
Calculated imposition of living conditions on A group that leads to the physical destruction of all or part of it
Imposing measures aimed at preventing reproduction within the group
Forcibly transferring the children of the target group to another group

Israel’s colonialist policies fully fit the classic definition of genocide; To prove this, there is no need to systematically chronicle these policies, including the killing of resisting Palestinians, the horrific events of Palestinian women who die during childbirth at Israeli checkpoints, and the current massacre of thousands of Palestinian children in Gaza and the West Bank. /p>

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