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Ambassador of Tel Aviv in Washington: We do not kill ordinary people

Despite the martyrdom of more than eleven thousand civilians in the Zionist regime’s attacks on Gaza, the ambassador of this regime in Washington says that Israel’s attacks are very targeted!

According to Fars International News Agency, Tel Aviv’s ambassador to Washington, Michel Herzog, says that the regime is looking for a long-term plan for Gaza and is consulting with the United States about this issue.

Herzog said in an interview with Fox News: Our position is that the Palestinians should manage Gaza themselves. The role that the Palestinian Authority should play is not yet clear and it remains to be seen what will happen because everyone knows that the Palestinian Authority can hardly manage Ramallah now.

Israeli Ambassador in Washington He claimed that the Palestinian Authority must reform itself.

In the continuation of his interview, he also emphasized that Israel is not interested in occupying Gaza, but security is a priority issue.

Herzog added: We are not in Gaza to occupy it. We are there to destroy Hamas forces and threats against Israel and to neutralize its ability to attack again and again. This is our goal.

Despite killing more than 11 thousand civilians, Herzog claimed that our attacks in Gaza are very targeted.

People They must understand that Gaza is the largest terror complex in the world, with more than 500 kilometers of underground tunnels. We do not kill ordinary people!

He continued his claims and emphasized: the movement of more and more people to the south shows us that these people do not want to act as human shields for Hamas. do We know they don’t like us, but they don’t like Hamas either.

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