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Russian diplomat: The war in Gaza showed the double behavior of the West

The deputy representative of Russia in the United Nations said that despite their differences on the issue of Gaza, the Europeans and the United States do not even dare to describe the crimes of the Zionists as they are.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, “Dmitry Polyansky”, the deputy representative of the Russian Federation in the United Nations, said today (Monday) that the drafting of new resolutions to end the war in the Gaza Strip by throwing stones at the United States and its allies It has stopped.

Polyansky explained in an interview with “Sputnik” news agency: “The war in Gaza showed the double behavior of Western countries, and they don’t even dare to call Israel’s actions as they are.” “.

While pointing to the differences between America and its allies regarding the attacks of the Zionist interim regime on the Gaza Strip, he said: “But they don’t want to cause shame by showing these differences According to this report, the Russian diplomat said: “America in the UN Security Council will condemn Israel with any action or endanger its ground operations in Gaza.” According to Sputnik, Poliansky stated that Russia considers global cooperation necessary to find a step towards solving the Gaza crisis, and clarified: “Now the roadmap is also in this There is a context. Russia’s relations with Israel have not changed, they were aware of our criticism of their approach to Palestine.” Ukraine doesn’t see it, Russia’s proposal has been rejected and there is no new idea”.

Dimitri Peskov, the spokesman of the Kremlin Palace, said that it is very important for Russia that the humanitarian interruptions in The war and the needs of the civilian population of the Gaza Strip must be guaranteed. (more details)

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