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Kanani: The Zionist regime and the United States are responsible for the condition of Gaza hospitals

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of our country said: Apart from the Zionist regime and its supporters, especially America and some European countries, who are responsible for the condition of Shafa Hospital?

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According to the foreign policy reporter of Tasnim News Agency, Nasser Kanani, the spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, today Monday On November 22, he attended his weekly press conference and answered the questions of the media.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said about the developments in Palestine: According to the media, the director of the Gaza section of the International Red Cross mentioned that we We are facing a terrible disaster. These are the statements of the official in charge of Gaza. He points out that people call us day and night to go to a safe place.

He added: The World Health Organization also describes the condition of Shafa Hospital as worrying. This statement is the opinion of the international authorities in connection with the humanitarian situation in the crisis areas. The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked who is the target of these statements and said: Other than the Zionist regime and its supporters. Obviously, America and some European countries are addressed? Who is responsible for the condition of Shafa Hospital? Except for the Zionist regime and America, which is fully supporting?! Everywhere in the world, it is forbidden to honk in front of the hospital.

Kanaani said that the Zionist regime brazenly bombards the hospitals and surrounds and shoots at the Shefa Hospital, he added. : The world does not show any deterrent reaction. The result is that other hospitals are targeted one by one, water and electricity are cut off, they are prevented from sending fuel and energy, and the result is that oppressed children are martyred one by one.


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