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America’s request to Hezbollah not to enter the Gaza war

Informed sources say that during his visit to Lebanon, the senior adviser of the US President requested the Hezbollah resistance movement not to enter the Zionist regime’s war with the Gaza Strip.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, after the sharp warnings of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance Movement to the Zionist interim regime about the continuation of the war and attacks against the Gaza Strip, it is now known that the United States has asked Hezbollah not to enter into these conflicts. .

Informed sources say that US President Joe Biden’s senior advisor, during his trip to Lebanon, in an indirect message to the Hezbollah resistance movement requested them not to enter the Zionist regime’s war with the Gaza Strip. .

Axios news site this morning (Monday) quoted American officials and wrote that “Amos Hochstein”, Biden’s adviser on energy and investment affairs, traveled to Lebanon in the last week and He sent a message to Hezbollah through “Nabiy Berri”, the speaker of the parliament and other officials of this country. Kurd said that America does not want the war in Gaza to spread to Lebanon and restoring peace to the Lebanon-Israel border (occupied Palestine) should be at the top of Lebanon and Israel’s priorities”.

Quoting from two other informed sources, he claimed that the Biden administration believed that the Lebanese government, people, and Hezbollah have no desire to start a war with the Zionist regime after Hochstein’s visit.

One These sources told Axios: “Biden government officials are happy that Seyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of Hezbollah, did not call for an increase in attacks and escalation of conflicts with Israel in his recent speech.”

Also, “Najib Miqati”, the Prime Minister of the Government of the Advancement of Lebanese Affairs, emphasized the need to stop the provocative actions of the Zionist regime’s army in southern Lebanon, and said that he trusts the rationality of Hezbollah. (more details)

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