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Weekly meeting of the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained the latest developments in the field of foreign policy in the weekly meeting with reporters.

According to the report of Fars news agency’s foreign policy reporter, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Kanani, explained the latest developments in the field of foreign policy today (Monday, November 22) in a weekly meeting with journalists.

He first mentioned the current situation in Gaza and the crimes of the Zionist regime in this region. Kordo said: There is a picture in front of hospitals all over the world, it is forbidden to honk so that there is no problem for the patients in the hospitals, the world should design a new sign for the Zionist regime, it is forbidden to attack hospitals with bullets and rockets. The Zionist regime has brazenly bombed and rained rockets on the hospitals in Gaza, and shamelessly and at the peak of brutality has completely besieged the Shafa hospital in Gaza.

Kanaani calls for action. The international community acted as a deterrent against these crimes and added: The governments that have prevented the war from stopping so far should allow the Security Council to fulfill its duty to establish international peace and security.

This senior Iranian diplomat said about the measures taken by the diplomatic apparatus regarding the dire situation in Gaza: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has started a series of measures at the national, regional, Islamic, Arab and international levels and continues these efforts. At the national level, we announced that the action of the Palestinian resistance forces in carrying out anti-Zionist operations was legitimate and within the framework of the recognized rights of the occupied Palestinian nation to confront the occupying regime and liberate their land, and this legitimate right was recognized and approved by all assemblies from the perspective of international law. It is international and governments.

He continued: Iran immediately tried to persuade and encourage quick actions with the effective governments in their communication with relevant parties and international forums in various areas, including the regional one. To prevent military operations of the Zionist regime. The head of the diplomatic service made periodic trips to the countries of the region. The president’s phone conversations with a significant number of heads of state and efforts to make the Organization of Islamic Cooperation more active, which we witnessed holding an extraordinary summit of this organization in Jeddah. In the field of the United Nations, the letters written by the Foreign Minister to the Secretary General of the United Nations and the issue raised in various meetings at the United Nations and requests from the member states of the Security Council to play their role.

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