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Aggressive attacks of the Zionist regime on southern Lebanon

The Zionist army carried out aggressive attacks on southern Lebanon.

report Mehr News Agency, according to the Palestine Information Center, the Zionist army targeted areas in the south of Lebanon.

The Al-Jazeera reporter announced that the Zionist army attacked the towns of Belida and Einata in southern Lebanon has been attacked.

Hours ago, the Zionist TV Channel 12 announced that two rockets were launched from southern Lebanon towards the town of Margliot was shot in the north of occupied Palestine. This network claimed that this attack did not cause damage or casualties.

Hebrew-speaking sources also announced a massive rocket attack from southern Lebanon to northern occupied Palestine. These sources emphasized that about 30 rockets were fired towards areas in the north of occupied Palestine.

Following this attack, explosions were heard in Nahariya and northern occupied Palestine.

The other day, Lebanon’s Hezbollah announced its new attacks against the Zionist regime in the north of the occupied territories by issuing statements. Lebanon’s Hizbollah War Information Office stated: In support of the stable Palestinian nation in the Gaza Strip and their brave and honorable resistance and in response to Israel’s attacks on the resistant southern villages and civilian homes, the latest of which was the attack on the settlement Yarin and the wounding of a woman was the fighters of the Islamic resistance at 7:35 this evening, Tuesday, April 2, 2024, near Gosherhazif settlement Naharia was targeted with Katyusha missiles.

Furthermore, at 6:15 p.m. local time, the Zionist position of “Roisat Al Alam” located in the occupied hills of Kafr Shoba was targeted by the Lebanese Hezbollah with missile weapons. Before that, at 5:15 pm local time, Lebanese Hezbollah fighters attacked the Zionist position “Al-Samaqah” located in the occupied hills. justify”>They targeted Kafr Shoba with missile weapons.

Also, the media of the Zionist regime announced the sounding of alarm bells in the north of occupied Palestine. According to this report, the sound of the alarm does not stop for a moment in Nahariya. News sources reported that dozens of rockets were fired from southern Lebanon towards northern occupied Palestine. Channel 13 of the Zionist regime’s TV also mentioned the firing of more than 30 rockets from southern Lebanon towards the western Galilee.


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