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Hebrew Media: We have to wait for the consequences of our actions in Damascus

In any case, Israel should wait for the consequences of its action in Damascus, a Hebrew-language media warned.

Zaman Israel newspaper wrote in a report in this regard: It is not necessary to be highly intelligent in the field of strategic and geopolitical issues to come to the conclusion that few people in the world are responsible for the recent action in He does not know Damascus.

This caused the United States to announce in a message to Iran this morning that it was not involved in this operation attributed to Israel.

At the end of this short report, it is emphasized that after the assassination of Hassan Mahdavi (Shahid Zahedi), Iran’s reaction will be very harsh, therefore, all Israeli embassies in the world have been ordered to increase their security measures (of course, with The assumption that it is possible to increase the security measures more than what has been applied to them so far, because the order to increase the security measures had been issued in several rounds and based on the available assessments, it has cost the Israeli budget more than one hundred million shekels. ).

At the same time, this media claimed that there is still concern that Iran will seek to target one of the Israeli embassies in the world in the near future.

Source: Tasnim

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