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Several people were killed and wounded after the Hezbollah attack on the gathering place of Israeli soldiers

Media sources reported on Wednesday night that several Zionist soldiers were killed and wounded during the Lebanese Hezbollah missile attack on the north of the occupied territories.

reported by Mehr News Agency, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance announced that our Mujahideen found the presence of Zionist soldiers in a building in the Zionist settlement Al Matla located in the north of Palestine They targeted occupation.

Lebanon’s Al-Ahed news base announced on Wednesday night that Hezbollah in an operation on the Al-Mutla and targeted the positions of the Zionist regime soldiers in the town of Al-Mutla on the borders of Lebanon and occupied Palestine, which resulted in deaths and injuries He became a Zionist military officer.

The Hezbollah statement about this attack states: In line with supporting the steadfast Palestinian nation in the Gaza Strip and supporting its valiant and honorable resistance, as well as responding to the attacks of the Zionist regime on villages and Civilians’ houses in southern Lebanon, Islamic Resistance Mujahideen at 10:20 pm this Wednesday (local time) destroyed the building where the occupying forces were stationed in the Zionist settlement Al Matla with appropriate weapons. They targeted, which led to the death and wounding of a number of Zionist soldiers.

In the past few months, following the terrible crimes committed by the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip and the genocide of Palestinians in this region, Lebanon’s Hezbollah has targeted the regime’s military positions in the north of the occupied territories; An issue that has caused the fear of the Zionists living in these areas.

So far, tens of thousands of Zionists have left the settlements near the Lebanese borders for fear of resistance attacks.


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