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Iran condemned the statement of the Arab League meeting

The spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry condemned the clause related to the three Iranian islands in the statement of the Arab League summit.
– International News

According to the international group Tasnim news agency, “Nasser Kanani”, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, related paragraph to the three Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf contained in the statement of the 33rd meeting of the Arab League leaders in Bahrain and condemned it as unacceptable. The Iranian triad of Abu Musa, Tunb the Great and Tunb the Little is an inseparable and eternal part of the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and such baseless claims are rejected in this statement. He welcomed the oppressed people of Palestine and the condemnation of the Zionist regime’s war crimes in the Gaza Strip, and emphasized the need for the unity and unity of more Islamic countries to stop the Zionist regime’s war crimes.

Iran’s ownership of the three islands according to documents and research/ the bone that colonialism put in the wound and left
Walati: The UAE’s claims regarding the three islands will undermine the security of the region
Pourkhaqan: Iran has eternal ownership over the three islands/no one has the right to speak excessively


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