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Centcom claimed to have intercepted 8 Yemeni drones and a ballistic missile

The command center of the American terrorist forces based in the region (CENTCOM) claimed in a statement today that it has dealt with 8 drones, 2 unmanned boats and an anti-ship ballistic missile of the Yemeni National Army!

reported by Mehr News Agency According to the Reuters news agency, the American army issued a statement this Friday claiming to confront the drones and unmanned boats of the Yemeni National Army in the last 24 hours in the Red Sea!

In the statement issued by the US military, it is claimed: 8 drones of the Houthis (Yemen National Army) were destroyed in the Red Sea!

The command center of the American terrorist forces based in the region (CENTCOM) claimed in this regard: We destroyed 2 unmanned boats that the Houthis had launched in the Red Sea. The Houthis launched an anti-ship ballistic missile towards the Red Sea.

Centcom terrorists claimed in this regard that they have no information about the casualties and damages of this incident.

The claim of this American terrorist organization has been published in the media while the English maritime security company “Embry” announced the occurrence of a maritime accident in the west of Yemen this morning.

This company announced that there were 2 explosions near a ship located 27 nautical miles west of Al-Mukha.

Earlier, an explosion was reported near a ship located 19 nautical miles west of Al-Mukha.

The armed forces of Yemen, in response to the aggression of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip, which began in October last year, from the fall of 2023 to target the Zionist or affiliated ships The occupying regime, which intends to cross the Red Sea, has taken action and emphasized that it will continue its attacks until a permanent ceasefire is established in Gaza and the aggressors leave this strip.


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