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Netanyahu will address the US Congress on August 3

The Prime Minister of the Zionist regime is scheduled to give a speech at the joint session of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate on August 3.

reported by Mehr News Agency According to Reuters news agency, officials of the American Republican Party announced that Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, will address the American Congress on July 24 of this year (Wednesday, August 3).

According to the media, House Speaker Mike Johnson and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell confirmed in a statement that Netanyahu will speak at a joint session of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Congress leaders have announced that this proposal is meant to “emphasize America’s solidarity with Israel.”

The date of the speech was being changed, but according to an informed source, it is now set for July 24.

The American media reported earlier that the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime will give a speech in Congress on the 13th of this month at the invitation of the American Democratic and Republican representatives.

On the other hand, the invitation of the occupying prime minister to visit America has been opposed by American representatives, including prominent American Senator Bernie Sanders, who, expressing his opposition to this invitation, called it “day sad” and said: “Netanyahu is a war criminal”.

Hebrew-language media previously reported that Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement announcing that the date of his speech before the representatives of the American Congress has not yet been determined.


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